High-Tech Manufacturing

Action Plan

In 2019, the Town of Tillsonburg completed a High-Tech Manufacturing Action Plan with support from the Province of Ontario.  The purpose was to review existing manufacturing clusters and develop an action plan based on local characteristics and best practices from around the world. 

Some of the key findings were that:

  • Tillsonburg had the highest proportion of resident labour force employed in the manufacturing sector at 33% compared to 20% in the Tri-County and 9% in Ontario
  • Over the past ten years, Tillsonburg’s manufacturing employment base grew by 48% (an increase of 1,078 jobs), from 2,188 jobs in 2009 to 3,266 jobs in 2018
  • A total of 45 businesses (4% of total businesses) were registered manufacturing businesses in Tillsonburg in 2018. Of the 45 businesses, 26 relate to advanced manufacturing

High Impact Subsectors:

  • Fabricated Metal Product

  • Machinery

  • Transportation Equipment

Other Important Subsectors:

  • Chemical

  • Computer & Electronic Products

  • Plastics & Rubber Products

  • Electrical Equipment, Appliance & Component

Action Plan Recommendations:

  • Focus on supporting and growing Fabricated Metal Product, Transportation Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing sectors
  • Engage local businesses in building support for the cluster initiative
  • Investigate supply chain opportunities
  • Collaborate with workforce development organizations and post-secondary research institutions to identify cluster-related research and development opportunities and skills development

  • Faciliate partnerships between local manufacturers and industry support organizations

  • Explore the feasibility of a central space for businesses to collaborate and share best practices and solutions (metal lab with provisions for 3D printing, training programs and skills development)
  • Create a centralized source of information on the local work force, events and networking sessions, funding opportunities, partner information, existing business profiles, business support services and research and development opportunities

In 2022, the Action Planning Committee will be hosting a Cluster Launch event with an Expert Panel, Technology Demonstration zone and Networking!  

For more information or to get involved, please contact Tillsonburg Economic Development & Marketing

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