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Before submitting any kind of planning application, please contact us about your project and needs. We're happy to help guide you through the process and ensure that you have everything you need before you apply. 

Application Forms

Minor Variance Application

What is a Minor Variance?

A minor variance is a small variation from the requirements of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law. A minor variance approval is a certificate of permission, because it allows the property owner to obtain a building permit even though their property does not comply precisely with the zoning By-law. You can follow this process if you wish to use your property in a way that does not meet current Zoning regulations.

Minor Variances may be made for small issues, such as changes to:

  • Building setbacks
  • Parking requirements
  • Property structures (i.e., building a new deck or garage)

When is a Minor Variance required?

A minor variance might be required when:

  • provisions of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law can't be met by new construction
  • an addition is proposed for a legal non-complying building
  • creating new undersized lot through Consent
  • legalizing the property prior to sale

Severance Application

Land severances are the responsibility of the County of Oxford. Oxford County Council members are appointed to the Land Division Committee who makes decisions about land severances. The Town of Tillsonburg provides comments on Land Division applications. If you would like to sever a piece of property in Tillsonburg, contact the County of Oxford.

Zone Change Application

If you want to use or develop a property in a way that is not currently permitted by the Zoning By-Law, you can apply for a Zone Change. 

This application can be submitted to the Town of Tillsonburg with the required supporting documents and fees. Additional planning applications may be required, depending on the type of development proposed. 

Site Plan Control Application

Site Plan Security Release Request Application

Site Plan approval is required for all commercial, industrial, institutional, private recreational, and medium or high density residential types of development when:

  • Constructing or placing one or more structures on the property
  • Altering the interior and/or exterior of a structure on the property that increases the usability of the property
  • Increasing the size of a structure on the property by 30% gross floor area on industrial properties or 20% gross floor area in all other zones
  • Constructing or adding five or more parking spaces to a commercial, institutional, or industrial parking lot
  • Amending an existing site plan, elevation plan, landscape plan, and/or servicing plan or an existing site plan agreement with the Town

Please arrange a pre-consultation by contacting meeting prior to applying for site plan approval. 

Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

Subdivision Security Release Request Application

The County of Oxford oversees applications for Draft Plan of Subdivision, which is required when subdividing a property into more than 5 lots at one time. 

Official Plan Amendment Application

The County of Oxford oversees Official Plan Amendment applications, which are required with a change in land use designation or a change to the Official Plan is sought. 

Plan of Condominium Application

The County of Oxford oversees Plan of Condominium applications, which are required when developing a plan of condominium or converting rental housing to condominium ownership.  


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