Key Sectors

Tillsonburg is home to numerous, high-tech manufacturing companies and a growing food processing sector. Other emerging sectors include retail services, construction, health care and FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate).

Tillsonburg takes pride in cultivating a dynamic and supportive business environment for its diverse and resilient economic sectors. Local businesses gain competitive advantages from proximity to regional clusters, through supply chain benefits and economies of scale. Exciting opportunities exist for strategic partnerships and industry collaboration, centred around shared interest and mutual business needs.

High-Tech Manufacturing 

With 82% of its manufacturing employment in high-tech, Tillsonburg's high tech manufacturing sector is a driving force for the local and regional economy.  The concentration of high tech businesses lends itself to collaboration, partnerships and innovation across the industries. Tillsonburg offers the high tech manufacturing sector a high-quality workforce, strategic access to the North American market and a supportive business community and council. 

Tillsonburg's high tech businesses include J/E Bearing, Marwood International and Triton Innovation. 

In 2019, Tillsonburg completed a High-Tech Manufacturing Sub-Cluster Action Plan to provide clear insights into the town’s manufacturing strengths and best ways to grow the sector.

Food Processing 

Tillsonburg also cultivates a growing Food Processing sector that includes Inovata Foods, Poultry Specialities, Shaw’s Ice Cream and Tillsonburg Custom Foods. With industry-leading technology, top-quality products and deep-rooted agricultural heritage, Tillsonburg's food sector is a thriving part of the local economy. 

Plenty of opportunity exists with Tillsonburg's large market area, regional population and educated workforce.

  • Tillsonburg's population is estimated at over 19,000, and expected to grow to 21,220 by 2041
  • Regional population of 236,074 (within a half-hour drive)
  • Located within a 2 hour’s drive of 22 universities/colleges and research /innovation centres

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