Encroachment Permit

If you plan to temporarily occupy any portion of the Town's right-of-way or public lands, you are required to apply for an Encroachment Permit. If you have hired a contractor, the contractor must be the one to apply for the Encroachment Permit. 

Common reasons an Encroachment Permit may be required include:

  • expansion or resurfacing of a driveway
  • storage containers being placed on a roadway
  • scaffolding for construction work
  • underground utility work

Guide to Encroachment Permits

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to apply for an Encroachment Permit, you will need:

  • A copy of your home insurance document
  • A sketch of the work area with measurements
  • A traffic control plan, if any equipment will be parked on Town property

All three items must be uploaded to the online application for the application to be considered complete. 

Encroachment Permits cost $30.00 + HST, to be paid when submitting your online application. This fee is waived for non-profit organizations. 

If you have any issue with the application process, or your aren't sure whether you need an Encroachment Permit, please email us at encroachmentpermits@tillsonburg.ca

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