Museum, Cultural, Heritage & Special Awards Advisory Committee

The Museum, Culture, Heritage and Special Awards Advisory Committee makes recommendations to Council on all matters with respect to tourism, culture, heritage and the museum in Tillsonburg. 


  • To advise and make recommendations to Council on all matters with respect to tourism and culture in the Town of Tillsonburg;
  • To advise and inform Council on new legislation and funding initiatives;
  • To develop relations for coordinating events with local service groups;
  • To advise and make recommendations to Council on all matters related to properties of architectural and historical significance.

Committee Composition

The Museum, Cultural, Heritage and Special Awards Advisory Committee shall be comprised of seven members, including one member of Town Council and six members of the public, with a maximum of twelve members.

Meeting Time and Location

For meeting dates and times, see the Town Meeting Calendar or contact

Agendas and Minutes

To view agendas and minutes please search the Town Meetings Calendar or the Town of Tillsonburg's Online Records Archive. 

Other information

Cultural Grants

Cultural Grants will be awarded to initiatives that result in a unique contribution to the cultural life of the community or that promote activities in support of the artistic, historical or lifestyle heritage of the Town.

Century Plaque Program

The purpose of the Century Plaque Program is to identify and celebrate the built heritage in the Town of Tillsonburg.

Properties eligible to participate in the Century Plaque Program must have been constructed 100 years ago or more at the time of application. The property must be located within the boundaries of the Town of Tillsonburg.

Volunteer Achievement Award

The Town of Tillsonburg Volunteer Achievement Awards recognize individuals who make significant, sustained contributions to the community as a volunteer.

Volunteer Achievement Awards are given for unpaid contributions in the following four categories: 

  1. Sports, recreation and education
  2. Arts, culture and heritage
  3. Seniors and youth
  4. Civic
Citizen of the Year Award

Each year the Town of Tillsonburg recognizes an individual who makes an outstanding contribution to the Town of Tillsonburg, with no expectation of personal gain.

Nominations for Citizen of the Year are received on an annual basis. Volunteering of personal time and talent towards the betterment of our community are hallmarks of this award. Nominees can be recommended either for outstanding contributions to the community in the past year, or over a number of years.

Heritage Register

Following the amendments to the Ontario Heritage Act in 2005, municipalities must keep a Register of Heritage Properties in the municipality that are of cultural heritage value or interest. A heritage register is an official list of heritage properties that have heritage value or character for a community. The register has legal status and can provide short-term protection to listed heritage resources.

The owner of a listed property shall not demolish or remove a building or structure on the property or permit the demolition or removal of the building or structure unless the owner gives the council of the municipality at least 60 days notice in writing of the owner’s intention to demolish or remove the building or structure or to permit the demolition or removal of the building or structure.

Heritage Inventory

A heritage inventory is a list of heritage resources that may have heritage value or character for a community. Although an inventory is often used as a planning aid, it does not have legal status until it, or a portion of it, is adopted as a heritage register by a resolution of the local government. A heritage inventory cannot be used to delay or deny a demolition or alteration permit.

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