Curbside Collection

What day is my collection? 

Garbage and recycling collection will occur on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live in the Town of Tillsonburg. You can confirm your collection day by address on the County of Oxford website. 

Tuesdays (grey)

  • Area west of Broadway and north of Concession Street West

Wednesdays (green)

  • All areas east of Broadway and south of Concession Street


Map showing Tillsonburg garbage collection zone

Garbage collection

When it comes to curbside garbage collection, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure to set out your garbage and recycling by 7:00 a.m. the morning of your pickup.
  • Place the garbage bag(s) beside the curb, making sure they are clearly visible.
  • Ensure a bag tag is attached to each garbage bag.

Bag tags are available for purchase online, at local stores and the Customer Service Centre.

Bag tags are part of the County's user-pay system. Rather than sharing the costs of curbside garbage collection with all your neighbours, bag tags mean you only pay for the waste you generate.

Place your bag tag around the neck of the garbage bag, sticking the ends of the tag to one another. This will help prevent the tags coming off in wet or cold conditions.

  • Use a garbage bag. Loose garbage in a container will not be collected.
  • Keep the weight of garbage bags under 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Black or green garbage bags work best. White garbage bags can be difficult to see in the winter, and the County's pink bag tags are difficult to see on orange or clear bags.
  • Broken or damaged bags may not be collected.
  • Use standard garbage containers purchased from a hardware or home improvement store. Do not set your bags in "homemade" or makeshift containers that can present safety hazards.

The materials section of the Oxford County Waste Management website will help you decide what should be disposed of in a garbage bag, what is recyclable, and what items are considered "special waste" to be disposed of separately to prevent hazardous materials from entering the landfill.

Recycling collection

Recycling keeps materials like plastics out of our landfill.

  • All items should be loose and clean in your bins.
  • You don't need to separate paper products from containers. All recyclable materials can be placed in the same recycling bin.
  • Keep items from blowing out of your blue boxes by stacking your bins, or placing heavier material on top. If items blow out, property owners will be responsible for cleaning it up.
  • Make sure your bin says "Recycling" on the side of it. Use a standard blue box to ensure collectors can identify it as recycling. Blue boxes are available for purchase at the Customer Service Centre.

The materials section of the Oxford County Waste Management website will help you decide which items can go in your recycling box.

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