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Dave Johnson Memorial Dog Park

Find off-leash fun

The Dave Johnson Memorial Dog Park is open seven days a week and is located northeast of the Tillsonburg Community Centre at 45 Hardy Avenue. There is a large parking lot adjacent to the park. The park is a use-at-your-own-risk area.


Safety Considerations

Only healthy, well-behaved dogs should be brought to the dog park. 

Do not bring...

  • Dogs with any sickness
  • Dogs designated as dangerous/ restricted or required to wear a muzzle
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Puppies under 4 months in age
  • Any animals other than dogs

The following items are not allowed at any time:

  • Glass containers
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Prong collars, spike collars and choke collars

How to use the Dog Park

All dogs in the Town of Tillsonburg must be licensed. Please ensure your dog is wearing valid vaccination (i.e. rabies) and licence tags at all times.


  • Dogs must be leashed at all times except when in the designated off-leash area. Do not take off your dog's leash until you are in the double gated area.  
  • Leash your dog while entering and exiting the enclosure


  • Keep your dog(s) in sight and under control at all times
  • Each owner/ custodian shall not supervise more than three (3) dogs while in the park
  • At no time may the owner/ custodian exit the fenced area without his/ her dog(s)
  • You must clean up after your dog. Stoop and scoop is mandatory.
  • All dog waste must be cleaned up and disposed of properly
  • Fill any holes that your dog may dig

Behaviour of owners and pets

  • Do not smoke within the fenced area or within 20 metres of the outside of the fence
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Excessive barking is prohibited. Dogs barking excessively must be removed.
  • Dogs displaying aggressive behaviour must be removed immediately
  • Dog owners are subject to Ontario's Dog Owners' Liability Act

About colour-coded leashes and collars

Please be advised that some dog owners in Tillsonburg may use a coloured-coded collar or leash to alert others of their dog's temperament. 

  • Red = Caution ("I want some space")
  • Green = Friendly ("I like meeting new friends")
  • Bright Yellow = Adopt Me ("I'm looking for a new home")
  • Blue = Training ("I'm learning new things or working")
  • Orange = No dogs ("I like people, just not other dogs")
  • White = Deaf/Blind ("I can't see/hear you")
  • Light Yellow = Nervous ("Give me some space, I'm nervous")
  • Purple = Do Not Feed ("Please do not feed me")

A light yellow leash is common, signifying that the dogs who sport them need extra space when on a walk or around strangers. It is important to know that these dogs are not necessarily aggressive, but may be uncomfortable or nervous around strangers, not fully trained or may be experiencing pain from a recent surgery.

The red ribbon is also common and signifies that the dog may be aggressive if approached by a person or another animal.

It is important to remember that regardless of what colour the dog may be wearing, you must always ask the dog’s owner if you can touch their pet. 

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