Spring Watermain Flushing

The Town of Tillsonburg will begin its spring water system maintenance program by flushing all dead ends as follows:

March 20-31
  • Areas north of Concession Street
April 3-7
  • Areas south of Concession Street

NEW! Fire flow testing will also occur in the Harvest/Potters Gate (Phase 3) area as follows:

April 11-14

  • Seaton Crescent, Harwood Street, and Beretta Street
Residents may notice some cloudy or discoloured water when watermain flushing occurs. These temporary side effects are not hazardous to the public and can be cleared up by simply turning on the cold water taps to clear the system. If discolouring continues beyond a three-day period, please contact Customer Service at 519.688.3009.
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