2024 Development Charges Background Study

Oxford County and seven local area municipalities--including Tillsonburg--are working together to update their development charge background studies to prepare to pass new development charge by-laws.

  • Town of Ingersoll
  • Town of Tillsonburg
  • Township of Blandford-Blenheim
  • Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
  • Township of Norwich
  • Township of South-West Oxford
  • Township of Zorra

As part of this process, the municipalities are seeking feedback about the current development charges, policies, exemptions, by-law administration, and other matters.

What are development charges?

Development charges are the fees paid by land developers to help finance the municipal infrastructure and services that are needed to support new growth in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Through development charges, municipalities are able to provide reliable and financially sustainable roads, water, wastewater, fire and ambulance, parks and more.

Oxford County and area municipalities’ development charge by-laws will expire in mid-2024, requiring the background studies to be updated before new by-laws can be passed. A background study will include evidence of projected population and business or industry growth in a community; outline what services are needed to support that level of growth; and assess existing infrastructure.

There have also been a number of legislative changes that have been brought about by the More Homes Built Faster Act (i.e., Bill 23) that will need to be reflected in the background studies and by-laws.

Learn more and have a say

The County of Oxford is using the Speak Up, Oxford! website to share information about this project. You'll find several helpful resources on the site, including the 2024 Background Study Overview.

Comments and questions about the 2024 Background Study are also welcome by visiting https://speakup.oxfordcounty.ca/2024-dc-background-study


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