Volunteer Achievement Awards

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Volunteers at Annandale National Historic Site

The Town of Tillsonburg Volunteer Achievement Awards recognize individuals who make significant, sustained contributions to the community as a volunteer.

 Award Categories
Volunteer Achievement Awards are given for unpaid contributions in the following four categories:
  1. Sports, recreation and education
  2. Arts, culture and heritage
  3. Seniors and youth
  4. Civic
 Nomination Process

Anyone may nominate an individual for the award, however only nominees who live in Tillsonburg or whose volunteer service benefits the Tillsonburg community will be considered.

Nominations can be submitted at any time.  Four recipients will be selected each year.  Award presentations are made at the end of March, June, September and December at Town Council. Each nomination form should provide details of the volunteer's involvement and describe the impact these efforts have on the community.

 Evaluation Criteria

The Cultural, Heritage and Special Awards Advisory Committee will review all nominations, giving consideration to: 

  1. The length and impact of service
  2. The uniqueness of the nominee's efforts
  3. The extent to which the nominee supports and involves other people
  4. The challenges and/or barriers the nominee has overcome in order to contribute 
Nomination Form

For more information about the Town of Tillsonburg Volunteer Achievement Award, please contact the Office of the Clerk at clerks@tillsonburg.ca.

 Volunteer Achievement Award Winners
  • Jennifer Farkas
  • N/A due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Chris Kelly
  • Don Burton
  • Sharleen Marcotte-Winkworth
  • Jami Stephenson
  • Christine Nagy
  • Jayden King
  • Sandra Andrews
  • Anne Ploss
  • Sandi Pake
  • Greg Mitchell
  • John Morling 
  • Mark Smith
  • John Fisher
  • Henriette Benoit
  • Bill Pratt
  • Carol Dedecker
  • Cathy Palmer 
  • Ken Price
  • Wendy Price
  • Anne Stancek
  • Peter Beechey
  • Ray Sorochan
  • Julie Dawley
  • John Twinem
  • Eddie Richter
  • Ron Bates
  • John (Jack) Parker
  • Vince Molloy
  • Marilyn Chalk
  • Betty Davies
  • Laurie & Jed Drew
  • Dianne Hodges
  • Samuel Cull