LED Streetlight Project

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close up of LED street light

What is LED Light Emitting Diode Technology?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode.”  Each diode in an LED streetlight lamp can be controlled to light a specific area meaning less light is lost and less energy is used which equals a longer life span.

Why we are making the change to LED Streetlights?

  • LED streetlights use less energy and last four times longer than the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) light bulbs.
  • The new lighting system will reduce the Town’s annual electricity consumption for streetlights by an estimated 50%—equivalent to nearly 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • LED streetlights improve roadway illumination as they emit a white light with little light pollution outside of the road corridor.

When will the LED Streetlight Conversion Program begin?

The LED Streetlight Conversion Program has been completed.