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Council's last meeting

Tillsonburg Town Council met electronically on May 10.

Here are the highlights from this meeting:

  • Council heard a delegation from the Chair of the Parks, Beautification and Cemeteries Advisory Committee regarding the Cemetery By-Law Final Draft update.  Council approved the staff report regarding the by-law and the by-law will be listed for the May 25th meeting.  
  • Council adopted a resolution for Tillsonburg to maintain our own Police Services Board including a composition of five (5) members. This is in response to the Province’s ask for counties/regions to combine police services boards so there are fewer across the province.
  • Council approved sale of land, re: alleyway between Charles Street and Nelson Street
  • Council received the 2020 Council Remuneration and Expense Report
  • Council approved two hangar land lease agreements at the Tillsonburg Regional Airport
  • Council approved a notice of motion for staff to implement a property tax deferral program 
  • Council approved a notice of motion to request the Province to continue and enhance the financial supports available to small businesses and industries (as well as provide clarification on the appeal process for those denied a grant) and to also request the Province to reconsider the opening of outdoor recreational facilities.
  • The Mayor has asked for a notice of motion to be placed on the next agenda for staff to develop a social media policy.
  • The by-law to authorize the use of internet and telephone voting for the 2022 Municipal Election was approved.


Council's next meeting 

Tillsonburg Town Council will meet again electronically on Tuesday, May 25 at 6:00 p.m.


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