Citizen of the Year

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Each year the Town of Tillsonburg recognizes an individual who makes an outstanding contribution to the Town of Tillsonburg, with no expectation of personal gain.

Nominations for Citizen of the Year are received on an annual basis. Volunteering of personal time and talent towards the betterment of our community are hallmarks of this award. Nominees can be recommended either for outstanding contributions to the community in the past year, or over a number of years.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the 2021 Citizen of the Year Award are now closed.

Evaluation Criteria
The Town of Tillsonburg's Cultural, Heritage and Special Awards Advisory Committee will review all nominations, giving consideration to:
  • The length and impact of service
  • The uniqueness of the nominee's efforts
  • The extent to which the nominee supports and involves other people
  • The challenges and/or barriers the nominee has overcome in order to contribute
Past Citizen of the Year Award Winners
  • 2021 - Joan Weston
  • 2020 - Doug Cooper
  • 2019 - Diane Patenaude
  • 2018 - Peg Hogarth
  • 2017 - Matthew MacNeil

2021 Citizen of the Year Joan Weston

Congratulations to Joan Weston on being recognized as the 2021 Citizen of the Year. 

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