Volunteer Opportunities

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There are many organizations and clubs that require volunteers in the Tillsonburg area. To learn more about these organizations, visit the Discover Tillsonburg website.

Volunteer opportunities are also listed on www.WorkInOxford.ca.

Volunteer on a Council Committee

Town Council also requires citizen volunteers to serve on boards and advisory committees. These committees and boards provide input on important matters within the town.  

When there are vacant positions to be filled by Council appointment, the Municipal Clerk publishes a public notice inviting interested residents of Tillsonburg to apply.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Town of Tillsonburg has several programs to recognize individuals who make outstanding volunteer contributions to the community. 

Volunteer Achievement Awards

The Tillsonburg Volunteer Achievement Awards recognize individuals who make significant, sustained contributions to the community as a volunteer and are awarded only a quarterly basis.

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Youth Leadership Grant

The Tillsonburg Youth Leadership Grant provides financial support to youth from the greater Tillsonburg area who participate in activities in Tillsonburg, represent Tillsonburg at the time of their achievement, and have demonstrated a desire to succeed and improve themselves.

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Citizen of the Year

The Tillsonburg Citizen of the Year Award is presented to an individual who makes an outstanding contribution to the Town of Tillsonburg, with no expectation of personal gain. Volunteering of personal time and talent towards the betterment of our community are hallmarks of this award. 

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