Lost and Found Pets

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dog walking on leash with man in park

Found pets

If you find a dog that appears to be lost and is wearing a licence tag, enter the licence number on the DocuPet website or call 1-855-249-1370 so we can get this pet home as soon as possible.

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If you find a dog or cat that appears to be lost and is not wearing a licence tag, please report to the Town at 519-688-3009 so we can help them find their way home.


Lost pets

If you have lost your dog or cat...

  1. DocuPet's Lost Pet Report can help. Login to your profile and report your pet lost using the red button. An email will got out to community members letting them know how they can help.
  2. Contact the Town’s animal control contractor, Hillside Kennels, by phone 519-469-3247 or 1-888-469-3247 and ask if your pet has been picked up.

Remember, you are responsible for ensuring your dog is wearing a licence tag at all times. It's required under the Animal Control Bylaw and it can help your pets find their way home if they get lost.