Engineering Services

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employees in orange safety wear at Customer Service Centre

Engineering Services takes the lead on major capital and maintenance projects. Staff are responsible for planning, budgeting and overseeing infrastructure projects including:

  • roads
  • bridges
  • culverts
  • retaining walls
  • watermains
  • sewers
  • stormwater management ponds
  • street lighting
  • traffic signals
  • sidewalks
  • project design and management
  • contract administration
  • site inspection
  • field coordination services and surveys
Other responsibilities


 Technical reviews
  • lot grading plans
  • severance applications
  • minor variances
  • zoning applications
  • site plans, subdivisions
  • new developments
 Studies, Assessments and Investigations
  • road needs studies (Quarter Town Line Corridor Management Study)
  • environmental assessments
  • biennial bridge and culvert inspections
  • traffic impact studies
  • other municipal infrastructure related studies and investigations