Corporate Plans

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aerial view of downtown with St Paul's United Church dome in centre of frame

The Town of Tillsonburg is working to become more strategic in both its everyday operations and its overall strategic direction. 

The Community Strategic Plan is the overall guiding document in this regard and was developed with extensive community input as was the Recreation Strategic Plan, which has the goal of guiding future improvements to the Town's recreational assets. 

The Official Plan provides the overall planning policy environment while the Community Improvement Plan provides financial support for investments that meet the Town's investment objectives. 

The Asset Management Plan provides the long term framework for maintaining the Town's fixed assets including roads, stormwater and related infrastructure. 

Other studies and plans


Corporate Energy Initiatives

Under Ontario Regulation 397/11 and the Green Energy Act 2009, municipalities are required to report annually on their energy consumption and have a Conservation Demand Management Plan in place. The regulation is intended to help organizations increase awareness of how buildings and facilities use energy and requires a plan be developed to reduce energy consumption. 

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