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When you live in a community with other people, occasional inconveniences are a part of life. However, if you notice activity that is extreme or consistently breaks local by-laws, please contact By-Law Enforcement.

Please be assured that your identity, and the details of your inquiry or complaint will remain strictly confidential.

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Clean Yard

The Clean Yard By-law deals with the maintenance of all properties and yards within the Town of Tillsonburg. All property owners are required to maintain yards and lots in accordance with the standard of this by-law.

Yards should always be clear of garbage, waste materials, standing water, uncut grass/weeds, and inoperative vehicles.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question or complaint about the condition of a yard in Tillsonburg?
Contact the By-Law Department at (519) 688-3009 ext. 4600. You will be required to provide your name, address, and phone number. All will be kept confidential. 
How long can my grass be?
Grass and weeds must not exceed 20 cm (8 inch) in height.
Can I store waste on my lawn, since it is my property?
Owners must ensure that their land is kept free and clear of garbage,
domestic, industrial, construction waste or waste material of any kind. Garbage
should be put out on the appropriate day with an attached Oxford County bag
tag. Many items such as yard waste, large items (i.e. old furniture) may be
taken to the Tillsonburg Transfer Station free of charge.
What is standing water? How can I avoid it?
Standing water is any water, other than a natural body of water that
exists on a permanent basis. Standing water can be avoided by ensuring that the
following items are in good repair and working condition: swimming pool, hot
tub, wading pool, drainage swale or artificial pond. All buckets, wheel barrels,
and small forms of standing water should be dumped on a regular basis.
 What does the Clean Yard By-law say about composting?
There are 10 general conditions contained in the bylaw related to composting. In general, residents need to ensure that all composting takes place in a container, pile or digester. Compost bins may only be placed in back or side yards, and must be kept at least 0.6 m (2 ft) from any property line. 
 What is considered an inoperable vehicle?
 A vehicle is inoperable if it is missing any parts, no valid licence or current insurance.



The Animal Care and Control Bylaw sets limits on the type of animals that you can have living with you, the number of animals you can own and how those animals must behave. Aggressive behaviour and excessive barking, for instance, are not allowed. The bylaw also outlines expectations for pet owners (leashing, licencing, picking up waste etc.).

For more information on Animals, please see Animal Services.



The Parking By-law limits how and where vehicles can be parked in the Town of Tillsonburg.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park my transport truck in a residential area?
 No, you may not park a transport truck in a residential area.
Do I need approval to park on the street overnight if I am having company?

From November 15 to March 31, overnight parking is not allowed on Town streets. If you require overnight parking during this time, you must contact the Customer Service Centre and request a permit in advance from the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer.

You can fill out the Overnight Parking Form and drop off to the Customer Service Centre to be processed.

How can I pay a parking ticket?

 You have number of options:

1) Pay by mail: Mail a cheque or money order to the address on the ticket. Please make a cheque payable to Town of Tillsonburg. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

2) Pay in Person: Cash, cheque, money order or debit card are all accepted at the Customer Service Centre.

3) Pay Online: Pay your ticket using Visa or Mastercard using e-Connection.

My livelihood is driving a transport truck, and I live in town. Where can I park my truck?
You can park your truck at the Tri-County Truck and Trailer Park located at 70 Spruce Street. This is a private lot on which to park your truck and trailer. There are a limited number of lanes available. Call and reserve your lane by phoning (519) 866-5444.
Where can I obtain an Accessible Parking Permit Application?
Application forms are available from your medical practitioner or can be obtained from Service Ontario. Service Ontario is located at 1 Library Lane in Tillsonburg. Please note that your doctor must complete and sign the application.
 Property Standards

The Property Standards By-law sets out the Town's expectations for lands and buildings within Tillsonburg. It includes limitations on what can be stored in residential yards, and addresses property maintenance and occupancy standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a concern about a building's Property Standards?

By-law Enforcement inquires or complaints can be directed to the contact number below (519-688-3009 ext 4600). If you are a tenant, you need to inform your landlord in writing first listing the violations and allowing a reasonable time frame for the violations to be corrected. An officer will request a copy of the dated letter that was given to the property owner as part of the investigation. 

A letter template is available to assist you. Download the form, print and submit to your landlord.

Download Template

 Who is responsible for maintaining Property Standards?
The property owner is responsible for ensuring that buildings and properties are being maintained.
Who can I contact if my landlord is trying to wrongfully evict me?
You can contact the Landlord/Tenant Board by calling 1-888-332-3234 or by going to their website.