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Resources for Teachers


The following are only a sample of the programs which are offered at Annandale NHS. We offer half-day programs (1.5 to 2 hours) and can adapt any program to suit the needs of your class. All programs include cross-curricular links to language, the arts and social studies, history and geography.

Cost of Programming is $4.00 a student


 Life as a Victorian
Geared towards Grades K-9

Available All Year Round


A century ago, life was quite different. Canadian society consisted of various distinct classes; the wealthy upper class; the middle class and the poorer labour class. Rules were observed and divisions between the classes were both subtle and obvious. Join the servants and masters of Annandale House for a tour and experience these differences first hand. Our program includes interactive activities, games and crafts that connect to the Ontario Curriculum and are grade appropriate. 


Stenciling- “The Art Revived”

Geared towards Grades 4-12

Available All Year Round


One of the most impressive features in Annandale House is the beautifully hand-painted ceilings. Using stenciling and other painting techniques the artists of Annandale House were able to connect the indoors to the outside world as part of the Tillson’s contribution in the Aesthetic Movement.  In this program students the opportunity to learn all about the art of stenciling, as well as, the opportunity for a hands-on experience by making their own stencils. Participants will be provided insight into the social, cultural and technological conditions of the late Victorian era which allowed for this wonderful "Aesthetic' expression found in the various decorative elements throughout Annandale House.


Connecting to the History and Art

Grades Determined by Exhibition Theme/Content

Available When Pratt Gallery Is Open


Annandale National Historic Site is fortunate enough to have the Pratt Gallery; a large exhibition space which showcases the work of local artists and items from the museum's collection. The Pratt Gallery hosts 4 to 5 new exhibition each year. With each exhibition, programming is included so check the Museum website periodically for the exhibition schedule and what programs are available.


Christmas at Annandale House 
Geared towards Grades K-8

Available Late November to Mid-December


Every year, Annandale National Historic Site celebrates the holiday season by decorating the entire house for the season and offering a Christmas/Seasonal Themed Exhibition in the Pratt Gallery. Each year the exhibition is unique. As part of the exhibition, we offer a school aged Christmas program consists of a “geared to grade level” tour of the yearly exhibit where students will learn through interactive discussion. After the tour, each student created themed craft to bring home with them. The visit is completed with a brief walk through the home to see all the rooms decorated. 


Tours of the Museum

Geared towards All Ages

Available All Year Round

 Annandale National Historic Site offers a fully, guided, in-depth tour of house. Tours can be tailored to meet a wide range of curriculum needs include topics in the Aesthetic Movement, Victorian Life, sustainability and genealogy.

Cost is $3.00 a student