Why Tillsonburg

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scenic shot of Lake Lisgar with gazebo and fountain

The essence of Tillsonburg can be captured in three words--connected, enriched and inspired.


  • strong sense of community among residents
  • strong history of community engagement and collaboration
  • ability to network naturally due to size of the community
  • fibre optic infrastructure in industrial areas
  • strategic location with good access to markets and transportation


  • variety and quality of recreation and leisure programs, services and facilities
  • many opportunities to be meaningfully involved in the community (i.e. organizations, clubs, causes)
  • abundance of parks, green spaces and trails
  • hospital, health and wellness services
  • family-friendly lifestyle without the stresses found in larger centre
  • arts and cultural amenities
  • rural and urban influences combine for a sustainable, comfortable pace


  • enterprising history
  • entrepreneurial spirit and rural work ethic evident
  • proven leadership in agri-business and related ventures
  • track record of made-in-Tillsonburg solutions and grassroots initiatives

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