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shed in landscaped yard

A shed or accessory building is often constructed on a property to provide additional storage for seasonal equipment, tools or various other items. Like all construction, regulations apply to ensure that the proposed structure is safe, and will last a long time.

For sheds and accessory buildings, these regulations include the following:

Ontario Building Code
The Building Code states that any structure with an area greater than 15 m² (161.5 ft²) requires a building permit. If a proposed shed or accessory building is 15 m² or less, a building permit is not required, however, the Town's Zoning By-Law requirements must still be met.
Zoning By-Law

All sheds and other accessory buildings regardless of size must comply with the provisions of the Town of Tillsonburg Zoning By-Law.

These requirements include:

  • The location of the proposed building. An accessory building may be located in the side, or rear yard but not in the required front yard
  • The accessory building may be located within an exterior side yard however, the height of the accessory building is limited to 8 ft. 2 in. and the accessory building must be located behind a privacy fence or planting strip
  • Setbacks from property lines (generally a minimum of 4 ft)
  • The size of the building may be limited depending on the percentage of lot coverage permitted (contact Tillsonburg Building Services to confirm what your property zoning allows for size).
  • A survey of your property is typically required in order to determine the above setback requirements. If you do not have a copy of your survey, contact the Building Department to see if there is one on file.
Building Permits

All sheds and accessory buildings over 15 m² (161.5 ft²) constructed within the Town of Tillsonburg require a building permit prior to construction.

A complete Building Permit Application requires the following:

  • A completed building permit application form
  • A copy of a Plot plan / survey showing your shed location
  • A copy of your shed plans drawn to scale
  • A lot grading plan may be required

Download "Doing it Right Guide - Sheds" (PDF)