Niches and Plots

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stones at Tillsonburg Cemetery

Tillsonburg Cemetery offers traditional burial plots and columbarium niches in a peaceful, park-like setting. Please note interments are not conducted on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. All prices include HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).

Have questions? We're here to help. Contact the Cemetery Office at 519-688-3009 ext. 4282.

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 Prices for Interment Rights

  • All in-ground lot prices include 40% for perpetual Care and Maintenance.
  • Niche prices include 15% for perpetual Care and Maintenance.
  • An additional charge is associated with interments that arrive on site after 4:00pm.
  • Interment (opening/closing) charges are extra.

Traditional Full Burial - Upright Marker Lot
Size of LotPrice
Single Adult Grave (10ft x 4ft) $904


Traditional Full Burial - Flat Marker
Size of LotPrice
Cremation Grave (3ft x 3ft) $678
Infant Grave (3ft x 3ft) $282.50


Columbarium Niche
Size of NichePrice

Columbarium #6 Niche (11in x 11in x 11in)

*includes bronze plaque


Family Columbarium (8 cremated remains)



 Prices for Interments

Prices for interment vary depending on the type of service required, and the day of the week and time selected. Please note that extra fees will apply for interment that occurs on weekends, statutory holidays or outside usual working hours. No services are available on Sundays.  


Adult/Youth, standard depth, fully dressed  $955.55
Child/Infant (less than 5ft in length) $351
Cremation (Infant) $238
Cremation (Adult/Youth) $407.50
Columbarium Niche $238

*Price includes opening/closing of grave or niche, and grave dressing, as applicable


Extra Fees



Saturday (between 10:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m.)

25% of interment fee
Saturday (before 10:00 a.m.) 50% of interment fee
Saturday (after 3:00 p.m.) 50% of interment fee
Statutory Holiday 50% of interment fee

*This fee is in addition to the standard interment fee.


Disinterment Fees

Disinterment requires approval from the Cemetery Manager. Re-interment charges are extra.


Disinterment Fees
Columbarium Niche – Adult/Child $226
Relocation in same cemetery (casket) $2358.88
Relocation in same cemetery (vault) $2122.99
Relocation in different cemetery (casket)  $1769.16
Relocation in different cemetery (vault) $1592.24
Child Casket $847.50
Cremains – Child/Infant $339
In-ground cremains – Adult $536.75



Fees for Monument Foundations
Foundation preparation $30.51 per 5 cu. ft.
Floating slab (min. charge) $192.10
Veteran Standing Document (setting) $226
Care and Maintenance of full depth foundation (up to 48”) $226
Care and Maintenance of full depth foundation (over 48”)  $452

*Foundation fees are included in monument purchase and will be collected by monument dealer.



Fees for Installation of Flat Markers
Flat marker, no border (setting) $56.50
Flat marker, 4” border $141.25
Flat marker, 2ft depth with border $192.10
Care and Maintenance of flat markers (under 175 sq. inches) no charge

*Foundation fees are included in the marker purchase and will be collected by monument dealer.



Additional Charges and Services
Interment Rights Transfers/Replacement document $50.85
Memorial Bench Program $2486
Memorial Tree $791.00
Funeral lead-in fee (1/2 min. if requested by funeral home $33.90


NOTE: All the above prices will be honored for the year 2022 and have been approved by the Town of Tillsonburg Council.