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historic sign for Tillson's pan dried oats

Pratt Gallery

The Pratt Gallery showcases the work of local artists and items from the museum's collection. You can book your tour online via the Connect to Rec 2.0 website or by calling 519-842-2294.

“Tillsonburg 1872: The Story of Incorporation”  (March 22 to August 28)

An exhibition showcasing the story and people behind Tillsonburg’s Incorporation as a town on March 2, 1872. 


The exhibition will be on display in the Pratt Gallery from March 22 to August 28, 2022. 

Black and white photo of the Evergreens Dance Hall in the 1930s


Tillsonburg's first community museum was created under a by-law in 1973. It was originally housed in the Evergreens Dance Hall on the banks of Lake Lisgar (pictured at right). 

During the 1980s, the museum was relocated from the dance hall to Annandale House

Amenities & Features

The museum wing of Annandale National Historic Site includes:

  • The Pratt Gallery (changing exhibits)
  • program room (available for rent)
  • elevator
  • accessible washrooms
  • storage rooms for the museum's 18,000+ artifacts

Annandale House is the largest artifact in the museum's collection and welcomes thousands of visitors each year.