Maintenance Issues

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street signs for Washington Grand Ave, Broadway and the First Baptist Church

The Town of Tillsonburg takes care to ensure road and sidewalks are maintained throughout the year. You can learn more about our maintenance practices using the links below.

Bridge and culvert maintenance

The Town's maintenance schedule includes:

  • power-washing in the spring to remove salt and sand
  • routine inspection to identify structural defects or maintenance issues

If you have a concern about any bridge or culvert, please report it to the Customer Service Centre.

Pavement marking
Pavement markings include:
  • Stop bars
  • Lane divisions and endings
  • Curves
  • Intersections and crosswalks
  • Passing zones

If you notice any missing or faded pavement markings, or have a request to have new lines painted, contact us.


Potholes usually occur in the spring due to thawing and freezing activity.

Pothole repairs
When you contact the Town to report a pothole, Public Works staff will investigate. In the winter or spring months, a temporary repair is usually made. In the warmer months, a permanent repair will be made.
Damage claims
If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole, you may submit a claim for damages by contacting the Customer Service Centre. Please note that when roads meet the minimum maintenance standards as set out by the Ontario government, the Town of Tillsonburg has no obligation to process a claim.
Roadside maintenance

Roadside maintenance projects are usually done in the spring, summer and fall. If you notice a problem area, please report it to the Customer Service Centre.

Roadside grass cutting
The grass along roadsides in Tillsonburg is usually cut eight (8) times a year--with about three weeks between cuttings.
Ditching and cleaning
Clearing ditches and debris from overgrown vegetation and litter helps reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rainfalls. When ditch inlets and catch basins are clear, more water is directed to underground storm sewers.
Safety barriers
Safety barriers - also known as guide rails-offer protection in the event a driver loses control of a vehicle. Often they are placed along steep slopes and other hazards. Public Works inspects safety barriers on an annual basis. Repairs are also made if safety barriers are damaged by a collision.
Dead animal removal
Public Works is responsible for picking up dead animals on municipal right-of-ways. Property owners are responsible for the disposal of dead animals on private property.
Street lights

There are more than 2,700 street lights in Tillsonburg. Town staff:

  • regularly inspect the street light system
  • perform street light pole replacement
  • repair defective fixtures

See a problem? Report it to the Customer Service Centre.

Street signs
Street signs provide important information to drivers and pedestrians.
  • Stop locations
  • Parking regulations
  • Hazards and warnings
  • Directional and wayfinding information

The Ontario Traffic Manual is used to determine the size, shape, height, location and materials for all signs in Tillsonburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if a street sign is damaged?
Please contact the Customer Service Centre at 519-842-9200 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.
How does the Town determine where to place signs?
Roadway signs are placed and oriented as outlined in the Ontario Traffic Manual.  This ensures that all signs in Ontario are the same colour, shape, height, and distance from the roadway edge.
I would like a stop sign installed at an intersection to slow down traffic?
It is a common misunderstanding that placing a stop sign will address a perceived speeding issue.  Other traffic control measures, such as additional speed limit signs or traffic enforcement are more effective ways to control speed.
I would like to place a private sign on Town property?
Private signs are prohibited on Town property or along any roadway.
 I would like to place a sign on my own property?
Residents are not permitted to install a sign on their property unless it is done in accordance with the Town of Tillsonburg Sign Bylaw.

See a problem? Report it to the Customer Service Centre.

Street sweeping

The Town of Tillsonburg operates a street sweeping program to ensure roads and parking lots are clear of sand and other debris.

  • Prevents materials from clogging the storm sewer system
  • Improves water quality by removing pollutants that can be passed along through urban runoff
  • Provides a safe surface for driving and cycling
Program location
  • All Town owned and County roads within town boundaries with an asphalt surface (including bridges, catch basins and gutters)
  • Sidewalks and walkways plowed by the Town of Tillsonburg during the winter season
  • Municipal parking lots in the downtown core
  • Tillsonburg Community Centre parking lots
Program schedule

Sweeping begins in the early spring when the ice and snow has melted from the curb line and temperatures are above freezing for several days in a row.

Summer program

Sweeping in the summer months occurs until Thanksgiving weekend, depending on weather conditions.

Arterials and collectors - 2 times
Residential streets - 1 time
Downtown streets - weekly

Resident reminders

There are several things you can do to make the sweeping program a success.

  • Keep vehicles off residential streets whenever possible
  • Ensure garbage and recycling containers are kept away from the roadway edge
  • Keep basketball and hockey nets back from the curb
  • Avoid putting lawn clippings into the street gutter. Use the Yard Waste Depot instead.
  • Be understanding about related dust and noise
Traffic signals

The Town of Tillsonburg operates and maintains six (6) of fourteen (14) traffic signals in Tillsonburg.

If you have concerns about a traffic signal, use this table to determine who is responsible for maintenance, then use the contact information listed below. 


Location Owner
Broadway at Sobeys Town
Broadway at Concession St. Town
Broadway at Bridge St. Town
Broadway at mid-block (mall) Town
Broadway at Ridout St. Town
Broadway at Brock St. Town
Broadway at North St. County
Broadway at Oxford/Baldwin St. County
Tillson Ave at Concession St. County
Tillson Ave at Brock St. County
Tillson Ave at Oxford St. County
Simcoe St. at Vienna Rd. County
Simcoe St. at Potters Rd. County
Highway 3 at Bell Mill Sideroad MTO

To report traffic signal problems

 If the signal is maintained by the Town...
 Contact the Customer Service Centre or report it online.
 If the signal is maintained by the County...
 Contact the County's Customer Service Centre at 519-539-9800
 If the signal is maintained by the Ministry (MTO)
 Contact the MTO Traffic Operations Centre at 519-873-4223
Tree trimming

See our Tree Trimming page for details.