Leaf Collection

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closeup of rake and leaves

The annual street side collection of loose leaves is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 8, 2021

Loose leaves will only be collected once in each area.

The Town is divided into four collection zones.

Please see the Loose Leaf Collection Map below.

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How to Prepare Your Leaves

  • Do not bag your leaves
  • Rake leaves onto the boulevard or edge of your lawn - not onto the street
  • Do not cover storm grates or clog roadside ditches
  • Leaves only - Do not include brush, plants, weeds or loose dirt in the piles
  • Ensure leaves are raked out no later than 7AM on Monday during your collection week
  • Do not rake your leaves out more than 7 days in advance of your collection date

As a reminder, leaves, brush and yard waste can be taken to the Transfer Station at 50 Newell Rd.


Frequently Asked Questions

 When will you visit my collection zone?

Crews will start in zone 1 and proceed to zone 2 (and so on) until every zone has been visited one time. Typically each zone is completed within one week however the speed at which the crew can travel is controlled by leaf volumes and weather conditions.


2021 Tentative Dates:

Area 1 - Nov 8 to 12

Area 2 - Nov 15 to 19

Area 3 - Nov 22 to 26

Area 4 - Nov 29 to Dec 3

 I live on a collection zone boundary line, what is my collection zone?
Collection zones have been aligned with the Town's major roadways. The centerline of these roadways is the dividing line between adjacent collection zones. For example the centerline of Tillson Ave. divides the collection zones for 1 and 4.
 What should I do if I miss my leaf collection date?

Leaves can be slowly added to your home compost. Although bulky at first they will break down and compost well over the winter into useful organic material that can be added to home landscaping projects.

Mulching leaves with a lawn mower or other device will reduce the volume of the leaf pile for home storage or composting. Also by simply mowing your leaves, in a dry condition, right on the lawn will add the organic material directly to your lawns.

You can also deliver your loose leaves or biodegradable bagged leaves to the Tillsonburg Transfer Station Yard Waste site located at 50 Newell Road for composting.

 What happens if we have a snowstorm?
A heavy snow event in combination with a long period of below freezing temperatures would end the program.
 What if I live on a County road?
All residents living along County Roads within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Tillsonburg will receive the same loose leaf collection service.