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building under construction

Here is what businesses say about investing in Tillsonburg:

"JMR Properties Inc is proud to be investing in Tillsonburg and we are grateful for the support received through the Town’s Community Improvement Program for our three-storey, 29-unit residential/commercial building. When complete, this heritage-inspired project will provide new housing options for residents and newcomers alike, while delivering a variety of other amenities including covered parking in the heart of Downtown Tillsonburg." - JMR Properties Inc

"Since opening my business in Downtown Tillsonburg I have been impressed with the downtown as a whole as well as the volume of pedestrian traffic, which has helped my business to take off. I would certainly encourage other businesses to consider a location in Downtown Tillsonburg." - Lyndsey Ross, Owner, Absolute Respiratory

"Downtown revitalization is a matter of perception and the Town of Tillsonburg has demonstrated ample leadership in this regard thereby making it a leader within Ontario.  There are very few towns that have had the same kind of success in generating growth in their downtown let alone across the community.  It says a lot about the Town's management, the Business Improvement Association, community leaders and positive Council support.  The recent Façade Improvement Project has demonstrated constant investment in the core through the revitalization of close to 30 buildings.  Tillsonburg truly practices what it preaches and I am very proud to have been involved in the ongoing improvement of the Downtown."  - Juri Berzins, Principal, Urban Design Consultants  

"We researched and visited downtowns across Southern Ontario before choosing Tillsonburg as the location for our new store. We've found that Downtown Tillsonburg offers a vibrancy that is second to none and our business has thrived since opening."  - Carolyn Closs, Owner, The Anchor Shoppe

"After we purchased the Heath's Department Store we were pleased to hear about the Town's Community Improvement Plan for the downtown core.  We were able to qualify for the Assessment Rebate Program which phases in the town's portion of the property taxes over a 10 year period.  We appreciated that the Town recognized the challenges associated with undertaking projects of this nature.  As a property leasing company, property taxes are one of our biggest expenses.  The program allowed us to invest more money into the restoration, as well as help us get through the stabilization period."  - Kassandra Way, E&E McLaughlin Ltd.

"We are proud to partner with the Town of Tillsonburg in the production of a world class product. Despite being a smaller community, the Town fosters a business environment that enables global companies like Siemens to be successful and we look forward to contributing to a brighter future together." - Siemens Canada