Site Plan Approval

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Burger King and service club sign on Broadway

Site Plan Control is a process that looks at the design and technical aspects of a proposed development to ensure it is safe, functional and compatible with the surrounding area.

The Site Plan Control process applies to specific types of development as identified in the Planning Act (Section 41), the County of Oxford Official Plan and the Town's Site Plan Control By-law.

When is Site Plan Control required?

Site Plan Control is often required for higher density residential developments (i.e. townhouses and apartment buildings), mixed use buildings, commercial buildings including office and retail buildings, industrial buildings, and institutional buildings. Site Plan Control may also apply to building renovations, additions, or changes to an existing building's usability, subject to the provisions of the Planning Act.

Site Plan Control is applicable law and is a common approval required before a Building Permit can be issued.


The purpose of the Site Plan Control approval process is to:

  • Ensure development enhances and is compatible with the surrounding area in terms of character, use and scale;
  • Present a favourable image of the Town to visitors, potential investors and residents;
  • Contribute to a safe, functional and visually attractive built environment for all users;
  • Ensure the development is compatible with the natural environment of both the surrounding area and downstream areas; and
  • Ensure that the Town and County's technical requirements (Engineering, Planning, Recreation, Fire, Building, Public Works) are satisfied.

Applicants are encouraged to review the Site Plan Approval Guidelines prior to submitting a Site Plan Application Form. Additional information can be found on the Oxford County website.

If you require further assistance please contact the Customer Service Centre.