Local Government

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The Town of Tillsonburg is a lower-tier municipality located within the County of Oxford in the province of Ontario.

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Town Government


Stephen Molnar

Number of Elected Officials

7 - Mayor, and six councillors

Next Election Date

October 23, 2022

County Government

Form (Structure)

Upper Tier (The County of Oxford)

Number of Elected Officials

10 - Warden, Deputy Warden, 8 Councillors

Name of Top Elected Official

Larry Martin



Next Election Date

October 23, 2022

County Manager (Yes or No)


Federal/Provincial Government

Prime Minister

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

Governor General


Member of Federal Parliament (MP)

The Honourable Dave MacKenzie

Ontario Premier

The Honourable Doug Ford

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)

The Honourable Ernie Hardeman

Number of Elected Officials




Corporation of the Town of Tillsonburg
Government of Ontario
Government of Canada