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Council Meeting - December 13, 2021

Posted on Friday December 17, 2021

A+LiNK Architecture Inc. Re: Aquatic Centre Rehabilitation and Construction Project
Council heard a presentation from A+LiNK Architecture Inc. regarding the Aquatic Centre Rehabilitation and Construction Project proposal.

RCP 21-33 Memorial Park Revitalization Advisory Committee Update
Mel Getty, Chair, Memorial Park Revitalization Advisory Committee was present to speak to the report.

CAO 21-15 Tillsonburg Succession Management Policy and Plan
Council approved a Succession Management Policy and Plan.

FIN 21-35 2022 Updated Rates and Fees
Council received the 2022 Rates and Fees. A By-Law to provide a schedule of fees for certain municipal applications, services, and permits will be brought forward for
Council’s consideration at the December 16, 2021 Council Budget meeting.

FIN 21-36 2022 Capital Pre-Budget Approvals
Pre-budget approval was granted for the following 2022 Operations & Development projects be granted:

  • X73 2022 Asphalt Program $400,000
  • X76 Beech Blvd & Stoney Creek Retaining Walls $1,176,000
  • X79 Cranberry Rd Design $260,000
  • X81 3D Lidar – Manhole Condition Assessment $170,000
  • X82 Woodcock and Pheasant Design $180,000
  • X74 Frances St Reconstruction $1,867,697
  • X75 Lindsay St Reconstruction $1,518,929

OPD 21-57 Traffic By-Law Comprehensive Review
The Draft Traffic By-Law be sent to the Police Services Board for comment and review.

RCP 21-34 Splash Pad Equipment Purchase
Council approved the acquisition of the preferred splash pad equipment directly from OpenSpace Solutions Inc., Wellesley, Ontario to an upset limit of $150,000

Renaming of Coon Alley
Council asked staff to bring a report back to Council on the renaming of Coon Alley to Racoon Alley.

Items of Public Interest
The Concession Street paving is to be completed by end of the week.
Staff confirmed that a third party will be completing the designs for projects X79
Cranberry Rd Design and X82 Woodcock and Pheasant Design.
Annandale National Historic Site & Museum is decorated for Christmas.
Christmas Crawl is ongoing, visit the Tillsonburg BIA's website for more information.
Upcoming Council meetings include:

  • Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. budget meeting (2022 budget deliberations).
  • Monday, January 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. regular meeting.