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Public Notice - Intent to Declare an Unopened Right-of-Way, described as Part 8, Plan 41R-940

Posted on Tuesday October 12, 2021

Purpose of Notice

The purpose of this notice is to advise that the Corporation of the Town of Tillsonburg intends to declare an Unopened Right-of-Way, described as Part 8, Plan 41R-940, as surplus to the needs of the Town at the October 12, 2021 Council Meeting and the Town is hereby providing notice of its intent to sell the property.  The Unopened Right-of-Way is approximately 66 feet (20 metres) wide and 2,129 feet (649 metres) long and contains approximately 3.15 Acres of land.  The Unopened Right-of-Way is not improved in any manner and traverses a ravine and mature woodlot.

Interested parties will be required to enter into a legal agreement subject to approval by the Council of The Corporation of the Town of Tillsonburg. 

This notice is being provided in accordance with the Tillsonburg Land Disposition Bylaw 2021-031 and Section 270 (1) of the Municipal Act, 2001.    

Additional Information


Members of the public are asked to bring forward any questions or concerns prior to the Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Council Meeting.


Additional information can be obtained by contacting:


Cephas Panschow, Development Commissioner

Town of Tillsonburg, Economic Development & Marketing

519.688.3009, x4007


If declared surplus by Town Council, the deadline for registering interest or any concerns with respect to the proposed sale of this property is 4 PM on Tuesday, October 31, 2021