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Asphalt crack sealing work postponed today due to weather. Crack sealing will continue on Monday, August 31.

Posted on Friday August 28, 2020

(Friday, August 28, 2020) Tillsonburg residents are advised that asphalt crack sealing work is postponed today due to rain and wet streets. Crack sealing will continue and finish on Monday, August 31, subject to weather.

Crack sealing is the practice of routing and sealing cracks and joints in the pavement with a hot-poured rubberized sealing compound. Joints or cracks in pavement, if not sealed properly, will allow water, dirt and other foreign materials to enter. As water soaks down through the unsealed cracks, damage will occur through the freezing and thawing cycles. Allowing water to penetrate beneath the joint or crack will also displace the sub-grade, which will cause further cracking and generally deteriorate the traffic surface. Crack sealing extends the life of the pavement.

There are no scheduled road closures at this time, and all streets will remain open to traffic.  We would ask that you not park vehicles on the street during this time. 

Please keep in mind this operation may create some dust.  Fine sand and debris remain on the street after the cracks have been sealed. A street sweeper will follow up the next day to clean up the streets. 

Crack Sealing Locations

(some streets may already be completed)

  • Second Street
  • Third Street
  • Frank St.
  • Devonshire Avenue
  • VanNorman Drive (Lisgar Avenue to Centennial Avenue)
  • Centennial Avenue
  • Quarter Town Line Road
  • Glendale Dr.
  • Nancy Ct.
  • McGuire Ave.
  • Camdon Ct.
  • Virginia St.
  • Poplar St.
  • Craig St.
  • Andover Drive
  • Glenridge Drive (west of Quartertownline Rd.)
  • Eden Place
  • Hurley Ave.
  • Clarence St.
  • Denrich Ave.
  • Kamp Cres.
  • Colin Ave.

The Town greatly appreciates everyone’s patience as we work to maintain our roads. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Tillsonburg Customer Service Centre at 519-688-3009