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Town’s 2021 Budget offers good news to taxpayers

Posted on Thursday January 14, 2021

Tillsonburg, ON – Town Council passed its 2021 Budget at its January 11 meeting, approving a modest 0.83 per cent increase to the Town of Tillsonburg municipal tax levy.

“Budget deliberations are always challenging and perhaps never more so than this year due to potential impacts and variables from the COVID-19 virus,” says Mayor Stephen Molnar. “As a Council, and a corporation, we have continued to seek a balance between planning for the future and addressing immediate needs.”

“Our approach to the budget process was to remain committed to the vision in our Community Strategic Plan while respecting the acute financial and emotional pressures our local residents and stakeholders are experiencing,” Molnar adds.

The 2021 Budget increased by $357,747 from 2020 figures and the general levy requirement in 2021 is $16,730,747. Though the 2021 tax ratio structure is subject to change, utilizing existing ratios this equates to a municipal tax rate decrease of -0.95%.

Taxpayers had the opportunity to provide input to Council on 2021 budget priorities through an online budget survey.

“We continue to focus on an open and transparent environment where all stakeholders have the opportunity for direct input,” says Mayor Stephen Molnar, noting that three major themes continue to guide the budget process: service excellence to the public, continuous improvement from an operational perspective and responsible capital investment in infrastructure.”

The Town’s capital budget in 2021 is $8,027,100, funded in part through partnership funding with other levels of government.

Highlights of the capital budget include:

  • Vienna Road Reconstruction Project (King’s Highway Connecting Link)
  • Reconstruction of Concession St W (Rolph St to Charlotte Ave)
  • Rolling Meadows Subdivision Project (Phase 2 of 2)
  • Engineering design and development of additional industrial land (Rokeby Road)
  • Ongoing investment to service the Van Norman Innovation Park
  • Playground replacement at Optimist Park
  • Trail network enhancements
  • General aviation access road at the Tillsonburg Regional Airport
  • Fleet vehicle replacements
  • Building upgrade and maintenance projects at Annandale National Historic Site, Station Arts Centre, OPP Detachment and Cemetery Office

Departmental business plan highlights include:

  • Updating Community Strategic Plan
  • Continued Service Delivery Review (Local/Regional)
  • Advancement of 10-Year Recreation, Culture and Parks (RCP) Master Capital Plan
  • Completion and review of Airport Master Plan
  • Advancement of Town Hall Initiative
  • Continuation of appropriate COVID-19 Relief Efforts
  • Local review for additional access to affordable and attainable housing