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2022 Budget Passed

Posted on Monday January 31, 2022

Town Council passed the 2022 Budget at its January 27 meeting, approving a modest increase to the Town of Tillsonburg municipal tax levy, and a tax rate increase of 1.99 per cent. However, given recent growth in the community, the average* Tillsonburg homeowner will see a decrease of $18.78 on the Town portion of their tax bill.

 “The cost of services is increasing, but those costs are being spread out over more households,” explains Renato Pullia, Interim Director of Finance/Treasurer.

“Budget deliberations are always challenging,” says Mayor Stephen Molnar. “As a Council, and a corporation, we strive to seek a balance between planning for the future and addressing immediate needs. The Town’s Community Strategic Plan, adopted in 2021, identified five strategic goals, 36 strategic directions, and 49 priority projects. The annual budget process is how we support implementation of that plan.”

This year’s budget also leverages significant funding support from the Ontario and Federal governments.

“It’s important to make strategic use of all available funding sources,” says CAO Kyle Pratt, noting that the Town is also moving toward implementing a multi-year budgeting framework for 2023.

Taxpayers had the opportunity to provide input to Council on 2022 budget priorities through an online budget survey between June 15 to August 31, 2021. 

“We continue to work toward an open and transparent environment where all stakeholders have the opportunity for direct input,” says Mayor Molnar.

Service excellence to the public, continuous improvement from an operational perspective and responsible capital investment in infrastructure were all important considerations during the budget process.

The Town’s capital budget in 2022 is $8,619,900, funded in part through development charges and partnership funding with other levels of government.

Highlights of the capital budget include:

  • Frances St and Lindsay St Reconstruction
  • Rokeby Road reconstruction
  • Improvements to the Tillsonburg Community Centre and Annandale NHS
  • New columbarium at Tillsonburg Cemetery
  • Playground equipment for Cranberry Park
  • Storm and sanitary sewer upgrades
  • Beech Boulevard and Stoney Creek retaining walls

Departmental business plan highlights include:

  • Implementation of the 2021-2030 Community Strategic Plan
  • Continued Service Delivery Reviews for operational efficiencies (Local/Regional)
  • Advancement of 10-Year Recreation, Culture and Parks (RCP) Master Capital Plan
  • Implementation of the Regional Airport Master Plan
  • Advancement of Town Hall Initiative
  • Continuation of appropriate COVID-19 Relief Efforts
  • Local review for additional access to affordable and attainable housing


*The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides the Town with an assessed value for each property. Your property may have an assessed value that is higher or lower than the Town of Tillsonburg average. If you don’t agree with the assessed value of your property or require additional details, call the Assessment Office 1.866.296.6722. Learn more about taxes are calculated at www.tillsonburg.ca/taxes