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T:GO Transit introduces new in-town schedule and stops

Posted on Wednesday April 20, 2022

Yesterday T:GO Transit introduced a new schedule and several new stops to better serve riders on its in-town routes.

“We’ve added new stops along Tillson Ave, North Street, Quarter Town Line and Concession Street West, as well as adjusted the schedule to provide on-time arrival for Glendale High School students,” explains Transit Coordinator Ashley Taylor.

“T:GO is a vital service for many people in our community, helping them get to work, medical appointments and more,” adds Mayor Stephen Molnar. “With the rising cost of living, including housing and vehicle ownership, the need for public transit has never been greater.”

The demand for T:GO service has been steadily rising as more residents look to save money -- and do their part for the environment.

“People use the service for different reasons,” says Taylor. “Rider feedback is important as we look to continually improve and expand the service to meet the community’s changing needs.”

T:GO  operates Monday to Friday (5:55 a.m. to 5:55 p.m.) on an hourly schedule, excluding holidays. The coverage map includes both residential areas and commercial/industrial areas.

For residents looking to travel outside of Tillsonburg, an inter-community bus service provides service to London, Port Burwell, Woodstock and the surrounding area.

Learn more about T:GO – including routes, schedules and ticket vendors -- at www.tillsonburg.ca/tgo.